Frequently Asked Questions :
what is airplex?
Airplex is a first one-stop destination for domestic and international FLIGHT booking service provider on blockchain. It will work on blockchain so it will provide a smooth, fast and secure experience. And better with Solana blockchain with low fees and fast transactions with rewards. check more #about​
what is Air NFT?
Airplex will be launched 1444 AIR NFT on Solana blockchain. user can mint it on launchpads and take advantage of AIR NFT like Fly 2 Earn • Hold 2 Earn and also people can get free flight if they have high level nft or more nft. user can also get discount on flight booking on AIR NFT powered by Airplex official.
why is Airplex embarking on web3?
by joining the web3 universe, airplex wants to take its community to the brand’s backstage and provide them with unique and exclusive experiences.
how are the NFTs created?
we have chosen 6 emblematic models: Rare, Uncommon and Common. other three to be announced. each a pioneer in its own way. we imagined many original features.
which blockchain is used?
#solana blockchain is used for present you Air NFT's and take you into WEB3.
what is the mint?
The mint is the moment of creation of an NFT. This is the moment when the NFT is registered and recorded on the blockchain. Literally, the word "mint" in English means "to mint a coin" and give it its value.
what is price for Air NFT?
250$ per NFT using SPARKUSD and $SOL
when will the mint take place?
the mint will take place on January 16.
why acquire a Air NFT?
Many type of Utility. Check out here: #Utility​
how many Air NFTs can I buy?
1 per solona Address
how to buy a Air NFT?
Contact :​